When you become a mom often times our bodies pay for the beautiful life we just brought into the world. Our once beautiful skin is covered in acne. Our once toned and sexy stomachs are now loose and covered with stretch marks. The list goes on and on and for some more than others, it takes a toll on us mentally. How do you begin to feel comfortable in these new bodies our baby’s gave us? Embrace it and having good friends and amazing significant others can definitely play a roll in your road to feeling like yourself again. You are still beautiful and a little tiger stripes just added some design. This was something I really struggled with after having my daughter. I am so grateful to have great friends and a loving husband who constantly reminded me what good came from my new body and that I am still beautiful and fierce. 

I would really beat myself up and stare in the mirror and hate what I saw. The constant comments from my husband were such a help. I wanted to sit in the house and hide but he kept encouraging me to get cute and go out. So after finally taking his advice and dolling myself up just to go out for food or to the mall, I was beginning to embrace my new body and role in life. Sitting in the house will only cause you more pain. Go to the gym, go on a walk, go have drinks with the girls, go out with some makeup on and get your hair done, go put that sexy dress on and go out with your significant other. Your self esteem does not have to  be compromised because you are a new mom with a new body. You are fierce, beautiful, strong, and fearfully and wonderfully made. 

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