What Clients Say

“Shonte was so supportive during my return to work. She always had words of encouragement and a bright smile for me as I made the walk to countless pumping sessions. It’s not only her expansive knowledge of breastfeeding that makes her a great resource, it’s her positive, genuinely kind, and respectful nature. I wish everyone embarking on their journey to motherhood had someone like her in their corner!”


“I was a first time mom and Shonte helped me shortly  after delivery. I was concerned about my milk supply. She helped me with latching as well. When I returned to work she encouraged me to pump and gave my tips on how to maintain my milk supply. She encouraged me to nurse my daughter past a year. We recently had another baby and  Shonte was able to see us in the hospital. I can call her any time and she answers my questions. I’m glad to have her in our community!”


“Shonte is super understanding, she’s responsive and she knows her stuff! Without her i would’ve been given up on breastfeeding. She was patient and encouraged me to keep trying even when I wanted to stop. I was a first time breastfeeding mom and thanks to her I am now almost 2 years in ❤️ I definitely recommend her service to all mommies.”


“Breastfeeding  was intimidating. And I didn’t attempt to try until I had the support of Shonte. Shonte was even supportive during late night freak outs and early morning doubts. If you want the best, call Shonte.”