As an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), I am a health professional that is trained for basic and advanced lactation support. An IBCLC is the gold standard of lactation care among breastfeeding professionals. Rest assured that our services are professional, skilled, and caring.  

When to seek help:

  • Sore nipples (cracked, bleeding, inverted, and flat)
  • Difficulties feeding at the breast
  • Breast pain and infection (redness, itching, flaking, lumps, mastitis, thrush, and blisters)
  • Pump issues
  • Returning to work plan
  • GI (tummy issues) for the baby (colic, gas, spitting up, and allergy issues)
  • Tongue and lip tie concerns with newborn
  • Engorgement treatment
  • Weaning 
  • Emotional support
  • Any other concerns you may have 



initial consult

1.5 to 2 hours

  • Intake assessment
  • Breast assessment
  • Oral assessment of the baby
  • Pre and post feeding weight check for baby
  • Feeding observation
  • Education on different nursing positions
  • Flange fitting and pump education 
  • Customized care plan
  • Referrals as needed 

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follow-up appointment

1 hour

  • Weight check for the baby
  • Follow-up of previous treatment plan
  • Address any concerns
  • Feeding observation
  • Follow-up on referrals

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returning to work plan

45 minutes 


  • Personalized returning to work plan
  • Breast pump education
  • Flange fitting (breast pump)
  • Storage education 
  • Tips on maintaining milk supply 

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phone/virtual consult

30 minutes 

  • Address concerns
  • Trouble shoot pump issues
  • Brief education of nursing issue
  • Treatment plan


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Education & Postpartum Services 

Educating yourself about breastfeeding before your baby arrives will help remove some of the stress. Check out our other services! 

  • In-home and group breastfeeding classes
  • Childbirth education series
  • Postpartum doula services


“Breastfeeding is trusting your body to provide the nourishment your baby needs through the challenges you face and finding the strength to overcome them.”